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What kinds of dogs scare you away the most?35% Dobermans 30% "pit bull dogs" 25% all dogs 10% German Shepherd Dogs What would scare you away from a residence more than anything?59% people in the house 32% almost any dog 9% replies from night time only burglars, who'd be deterred by spot or flood lights lighting up a yard In another study, the following question was asked of 589 convicted property offenders: How effective is each of the following likely to be in preventing burglary, breaking and entering and grand theft?0 not effective 1 somewhat effective 2 very effective Monitored burglar alarms 1. 51 Electronic sensors in windows 1. 35 Closed circuit TV cameras in stores 1. 31 Private security patrols 1. 14 DOG IN HOUSE 1. 11 Weapons in home 1.

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It is a scary circle and there seems to be no end in sight. In fact, the circle it getting smaller because reactions are getting faster and people are paranoid. I hope something changes for the better soon. Anyone who has ever had anything stolen from them knows that the effects of the incident are far reaching, and even more so than one may think initially. The feeling of loss and violation that the article mentions is something that have experienced firsthand and never want to feel again. It made me fear for my own safety, the safety of my family and the security of my property and belongings. There are items that go well beyond any kind of monetary value to me such as pictures and family heirlooms. Losing those could never be made up for. Fortunately, the break in only netted a few electronic items such as my digital camera and laptop computer which I had pretty well backed up onto an external hard drive. Altogether, about $2,000 worth of property was taken from the premises, but it could have been worse. I think that many people will also be surprised by some of these statistics.

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Examples of IoT as relates to smart homes are the Nest Learning Thermostat, the Chop Syc digital chopping board, the Toncelli Kitchens digital kitchen countertop, the air monitor Birdi, and the Wattio SmartHome 360 energy monitor. Currently, less than 1% of homes employ full smart home technology. But by 2018, HIS Technology, a research firm, predicts that 45 million smart home devices will have been installed, and the annual business volume will have grown to $12 billion dollars. ABI Research predicts growth to $14. 1 billion by 2018. The market research firm Allied Market Research projects that the global smart homes and buildings market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 29.

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