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Safety Information about Our Wooden Name Puzzles and Name Stool

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) was passed by Congress in August of 2008. It is very long and complicated, but basically says all products made for children 12 and under must be tested and comply with strict lead and phthalate levels. It also mandates strict labeling requirements.

Our Puzzles Meet and Exceed All Safety Requirements

To comply with this new law we submitted one of our name puzzles to Toy Testing Lab, a government-accredited testing laboratory in Warwick, Rhode Island. Since every one of our names is made from exactly the same wood and finished with exactly the same stains, we had only one name puzzle tested. As expected, our puzzle met and exceeded all requirements.

We have always been diligent about the safety of our puzzles and they have never contained lead or phthalates (plasticizing agents). We are proud to be able to assure our customers that their purchase is entirely USA made – by US! – and complies with all government-mandated laws.

ViewpdfCertificate of Compliance.